Spitfire Bunny of Doom (aka Too Visible Hollow) (tea_cups_heaven) wrote in roughquidditch,
Spitfire Bunny of Doom (aka Too Visible Hollow)

Very first..: Do you wonder?

Okay, so I wrote my debuting story. It's called as seen above: "Do - you - wonder."... After some time, I decided to post it here. After giving it a seven second  thought exactly, if you wished to know.
Enjoy yourself, it is human-tested and thus shouldn't be really harmful to readers, as long as I know!
It's silly, how much the description takes. :D I offer you completely skip it and start with the story itself. You know, that letters after the "- - -". :DD Really, I recommend you this. But to the point (hope it's more of a gift, than punishment ;D it's short and nothing much of a..but, oh well)..:
. . .
fic here
Oh, and 'scuse my disability to express myself without cursing and puting giggling smileys everywhere... XD


EDIT: I changed my mind, the desription is silly AS A WHOLE, rather go for this here, for your own sake... It's somewhat better then former. XD
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