x_posed_again (x_posed_again) wrote in roughquidditch,

If Marcus Flint had a Facebook

Did this just for fun... little did I know how much time it would end up taking me! This was made completely from scratch using screen shots and Photoshop. The main image is a manip I did (so no taking w/o permission).

Fellow members of his quidditch team may not fall into cannon time line here, but given the lack of photos of Slytherin quidditch players this had to do. I tried to use the British spelling where I knew it and all grammar mistakes are on purpose (I hope... who knows, I may have missed some) to try to keep it in character.

There is oh so slight Marcus/Oliver if you squint (I'll give you a hint and tell you to look at the first convo). Feedback is love as this took me forever and over 50 layers in Photoshop. Also, I had to make this image low res. since it was so big so sorry in advance about the little bits of fuzziness here and there.

Poke Marcus… if you dare!
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