x_posed_again (x_posed_again) wrote in roughquidditch,

I bring you fic. (a.k.a. shameless PWP)

I honestly have NO idea where this came from. I blame dramapunk for our chats about Marcus and kos_mos607 because she is a good bad influence on me.

So, um... ya... I'm just gonna leave this here... *runs away quickly*

Title: Wouldn’t make sense
Characters: Marcus Flint/Oliver Wood
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: about 1,500 words of pure smut
Summary: Marcus plays an amazing game and Oliver finds a way to reward him. PWP people… so p0rn be this way.
Author’s Comments: I own nothing, just having fun. No harm meant.

There isn’t enough space, not enough air in the room for him to suck in and fully fill his lungs as he chants curse word after curse word like a mantra falling from his lips.
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