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roughquidditch's Journal

Rough Quidditch [Flint/Wood 'Shippers]
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This is a community for all of those people that know it's just obvious that Marcus Flint and Oliver Wood are more than just rival Quidditch captains.

Fanfic is welcome, as is fanart. Please put both behind a cut tag.

Note, though, some of the content here will be of an adult nature, so be warned. And if you join, I'm assuming that you're older than fifteen. Please act like it. Flames, homophobia, and spam will not be tolerated. So please do not advertize your personal community here. There's a place for that. That place is elsewhere.

Marcus Flint, Oliver Wood, Harry Potter and related characters are all property of JK Rowling. No infringement is intended.

Moderator: apillarofsalt